What Type of Afterschool Programs Can I Expect From a Toronto Private School?

Education is one of the most important resources we have, and instilling a solid academic foundation in your child is the key to their professional success in the future. But private schools realize that in order to be a happy, well-adjusted adult, kids also need to learn lessons which cannot be taught from a textbook. When choosing an educational institute for your child, one important consideration you should focus attention on is what type of afterschool programs you can expect from a Toronto private school and how they will help to enrich your son or daughter's life.

Finding Their Way

Any parent knows that children have an over-abundance of energy and enthusiasm, and concentrating it on a specific area will help their children follow their dreams. Exposing young kids to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities allows them to find the things they are passionate about and pursue them which is why it is so important to choose a private school which has an abundance of afterschool programs. The best students are exposed to a vast range of activities, but what types of programs can one expect at a private school?

How Afterschool Programs Develop Your Child

Chess – This activity is primarily enjoyed by children who lean towards problem-solving and critical thinking. Chess stimulates the mind by offering almost limitless moves, but requiring very specific strategy to win the game.
Yearbook – It is never too soon to help children develop a passion for writing, photography, and other people. Children have the opportunity to experience other kinds of students who are outside their traditional peer group and the way they interact with the world, exposing them to the exciting differences in all of us while promoting a sense of inclusion and togetherness.
Art Club – Art is one of history's greatest achievements, with pictures from eons past telling the story of our evolution, inspiring us to ponder life, and to dream. Many budding artists tend to be slightly introverted and being part of a club which celebrates artistic expression will help develop the talent while making the child feel at one with the other students
Debate Club– Geared towards older children, debate club is an excellent way for your child to express their point of view while understanding opposing thought patterns and allowing them to incorporate that way of thinking into their own, creating a better-rounded student with a superior understanding of the world.
Music Club– Stimulating to the mind and the body, music is the sound of the soul and resonates with many students across all backgrounds and beliefs. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brains creative thought patterns and also brings a world of culture to your child through a fun and exciting medium. Listening to classical music has been linked to better memory retention and more concentrated study habits.
For many students, the afterschool programs they are exposed to are every bit as important as the pursuit of education, and leads to a happier, healthier adult. By teaching children the importance of teamwork, fun, and creativity, you will exponentially increase their chances of having a fulfilling, rewarding life and a bright future in the coming years. Discover what types of afterschool programs you can expect from a Toronto private school and watch your child thrive!
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