What Is the Process of Admissions to Private Schools for My Child?

Private school offers an education superior to that which you will find in public schools, and in order to maintain the harmonious learning atmosphere of the school, these institutions have implemented an interview process in order to determine if the school is right for the student, and if the student is right for their school. Much like applying for a job in adult life, the interviews done with students to determine compatibility include background educational information, desired outcome of joining the organization, and an understanding of the unique contributions the institute and the student can make to one another. However, since almost all parents and students applying for enrollment in private school are doing so for the first time, it is understandable to wonder what is the process of admissions to private schools, and how can the candidate best prepare before the interview begins.

What Is the Process of Admissions to Private Schools?

Most, if not all, private schools split the focus of their attention between educational training and installing the values set out by the organization in the students they accept. An interview process is integral to understanding if the student and school are compatible and have similar goals for the student's future.
What to Expect during the Application – Generally completed either by phone or online, this initial step helps parents and students understand what type of education the school is offering and asks a number of questions which will help determine if an interview is warranted.
What to Expect during the Interview – The interview process is an in-person meeting between faculty, parents, and students themselves. This is an opportunity to ask questions of the school and be presented with detailed information of the programs and services offered and to clarify any misunderstandings. It is also a process in which the student can discuss their goals for the future, relevant academic achievements, and why they feel they are a good fit with the institute. Private schools place a great deal of emphasis not only on education, but also on molding a student into a happy, healthy, emotionally-stable and well-rounded adult. Participation in extra-curricular activities is highly encouraged and a student with a keen interest in the world socially stands a greater chance of admittance.
What to Expect during the Decision Process – The decision for admittance falls to a committee of representatives from the school, generally comprising of the principal, several faculty members, and the school Director of Admissions. After carefully reviewing the information submitted by the student and considering conversations during the interview, this committee will make the decision to accept the student, place them on a wait-list if there is no available spot, or decline the application.
What to Expect from Acceptance – Once a private school has made the decision to admit the student, a letter of acceptance along with a registration package will be sent to the family and will need to be completed in a timely manner and submitted back to the school with the required registration fee. After this paperwork has been taken care of, the student will meet with the principal for class selection and from there begin their journey to a better future.
While each facility is different, the process of admissions to private schools remains generally the same. Follow along with these steps and feel confident in your child's ability to impress the committee and showcase their true potential today.
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