What Can I Expect From Teachers in a Toronto Private School?

Toronto is a truly diverse and cosmopolitan city.   Canada's economic hub is a great setting for students to become engaged in art, culture, and develop intellectual curiosity that will serve them well during their lifetime.  Toronto's private school system is world class, and parents can expect teachers in Toronto's private schools to be first rate and offer students many opportunities for enrichment.

A Love of Learning

Every adult can likely name one teacher who completely changed their way of thinking.  Teachers have a unique opportunity to reach youth in this way, and they don't take that lightly.  The best teachers are not only well-versed experts in their subject matter, but also curious minds who love to share their knowledge.  Top educators not only teach the necessary curriculum, but also help foster a lifelong love of learning in their pupils.  Teachers in Toronto's private school system share a common goal of getting their students excited about learning.  Under their guidance, students are encouraged to explore what interests them, so they can learn how to formulate the right questions, and to use the correct tools to seek answers.

A Culture of Collaboration

A healthy classroom is a microcosm of society itself.  In an inclusive setting, students learn how to cooperate, collaborate and learn with and from each other.  At Toronto's best private schools, students are tasked with a combination of individual study and group work.   Students are encouraged to share ideas and help each other to achieve a common goal.  This type of work enables students not only to realize their personal potential, but also their role in a larger team.  Students are prepared for future university and workplace settings, where collaboration is the key to success.

Attentive and Authoritative

The best private schools in Toronto boast small class sizes, allowing students to reap the benefits of a teacher's mentorship.  More one-on-one attention from teachers means students are able to seek help when needed, and a smaller classroom size provides a learning environment free of unnecessary distractions.  However, private schools demand that students also take an active role in their own learning.  Students are not coddled, and teachers are considered the respected authority in their own classroom.  The best schools enable a sense of mutual respect and responsibility for both teacher and student.

Technological Innovation

Teachers not only strive to share their expertise in innovative ways, but also try to embrace the newest technological innovations whenever possible to enrich students' learning experience.  The presence of the internet is changing the classroom dynamically, and Toronto's best private schools are aware of this.  Today's students are able to engage with subject matter in exciting new ways by using computers in the classroom.  Students are able to collaborate better remotely, and teachers are able to serve their students better outside of the classroom.  Integrating technology in the class also prepares students for the real working world, where knowledge of technology will be important at every turn.  Students attending a Toronto area private school will be better equipped for the future than others, as they will have had a head start in world of technology.
Teachers, as well as parents, can expect great things from such an innovative learning environment.
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