What Are the Characteristics of a Top Private School in Toronto?

What Are the Characteristics of a Top Private School in Toronto?
For parents considering private school for their children, Toronto contains a wide array of choices. With curricula that offer everything from religious instruction to choir, from carpentry to computer programming, it can sometimes be daunting to try to choose. Selecting a private school is a big decision. It requires financial resources from the family budget, and the quality of the school can have major ramifications for your child's future. Many parents ask, "What are the characteristics of a top private school?” The following checklist can help you assess schools in order to find just the right place for your children.
Private Schools Checklist
  • Core Values. Do the core values of the school match those prized by your own family? This can determine what is best for your family. Are the core values based on what is best for students? Does the school promote respect for others, a love for lifelong learning, and a good work ethic?
  • Teachers. Do teachers have specialist training in their subject areas? Are they engaging and enthusiastic?
  • Curriculum. Choose a curriculum that reflects the priorities of your family. If academic achievement is most important to you, a prep school may be the best choice. If you are looking for education that focuses on the whole child, a Montessori or Waldorf school may be a better option. If your child has a particular interest in computers, you should ensure the school offers computer courses. A child with an interest in music or art should find a school that offers premium arts education. No matter what path your child chooses, he or she will need good writing skills and math skills, so be sure that whatever school you choose provides literacy in core curriculum.
  • Experiences. School is not only about knowledge, but also about experiences that provide opportunities to grow. Many private schools schedule field trips that let children experience nature, other cultures, or artistic events.
  • Resources. Ensure that the school provides help for students who may be struggling, as well as independent projects for gifted students who need additional challenges.
  • Student-Teacher Ratio. One of the great advantages of the private school is the small class. Students are able to participate more fully in class discussions, teachers are better able to monitor progress and understanding, and students receive more one-on-one instruction. Ask for student-teacher ratio numbers.
  • Athletics. Today's children are more sedentary than any other generation in history. Ensure that the school provides daily opportunities for physical activity, and that students are welcome to join teams. Look for a school that offers a variety of sports throughout the year.
  • Empowered and Involved Parent Body. A school that invites parent involvement can be key to your experience with it. Good parent-teacher and parent-administration relations help to work through any difficulties your child may have.
Culture of Excellence
Toronto's best private schools possess a culture of excellence. Give your child the gift of a first-class education. It will last a lifetime.
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