Top Educational Programs in Toronto

Top Educational Programs in Toronto
Many parents considering private school are seeking the best education available for their child. Toronto boasts some of the best private schools on the continent, with a host of schools that offer challenging academic programs. As well, the city is home to a variety of specialty schools ranging from religion-based to arts-based, from gender-specific to special needs. If you're searching for the top educational programs in Toronto for your child, you may want to consider some of the following points.
Hallmarks of a Great School
Much too often, parents base their idea of what constitutes a good educational program on what is offered in the curriculum. While the syllabus can give you a general idea as to the basic thrust of the school, there are less tangible aspects of a school that determine whether or not it is truly a top educational institution.
  • Instilling a love for learning. This is one of the major accomplishments of a first-class education. If a school employs teachers that impart their own enthusiasm for knowledge, ideas, and articulate expression to their students, it has achieved one of its goals. Students may forget the details of Pythagoras's theorem in years to come, but a love for learning will last a lifetime. 
  • Requiring respect. A great school practices and promotes respect for all. A student who can learn to respect those with different opinions, experiences, cultures, and abilities will possess an open mind and heart. Students who respect one another, their teachers, and their parents contribute greatly to their communities.
  • Creating a culture of excellence. Too often, children are allowed to believe that "cool” doesn't include academic achievement. A top educational program creates a school culture that celebrates academic accomplishments and encourages students to maximize their potential. Older students provide good role models for younger ones, and may even enjoy a formal "mentor” relationship with students in lower grades.
  • Inviting Parent Involvement. A school that welcomes parent involvement ensures that there will be good communication between home and school, and that each family can bring their particular talents to the school community. 
  • Experiences. A good school provides experiences that widen the world of its students. This may include in-school events or celebrations, sports tournaments, or field trips. Learning about nature, other cultures, and the arts help children become well-rounded citizens.
Steps to Choosing the Right School
Start your search by looking at school websites. Many of the better school websites articulate their values well and give you good insight into the institution's priorities. If possible, visit an Open House at each of the schools you're interested in.  This may help you narrow your search to two or three possibilities. Next, make an appointment to speak with a school enrolment officer. When meeting with staff, be sure to bring a list of questions with you, and don't be afraid to ask them. Finally, consult with your child.
Give your child the gift of a first class education. It's a gift that will last a lifetime!
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