Tips on Financing a Private School Education in Toronto for Your Kids

Wanting the best possible education for your children is only natural and the best place to start them on the road to success is enrollment in one of Toronto's many top private education institutes. These schools operate in a class well above that found in public schools, and offer a far greater chance at success for your child's future upon completion of the program. While private schools offer a superior experience over public schools, that education also comes with a cost, and many parents find themselves looking for tips on financing a private school education in Toronto.

You Get What You Pay For

Public school is completely free and an open institution for any and all students. While dedicated educators and supplies conducive of learning certainly exist in these facilities, lower provincial funding and budget cuts have forced public schools to scape by, sadly diminishing the beacon of education they once were. With our tax dollars being stretched ever thinner to accommodate more students, the quality of learning and the ability for teachers to interact and assist students in public school has been compromised over the years. Private schools, however, are experiencing the exact opposite phenomenon as parents flock to these facilities in the hopes of providing a better educational base for their children's futures. With tuition generating a substantial fund from which to pay teachers, purchase supplies, and provide better and more varied extra-curricular activities, private schools are able to offer an experience that public schools simply can't match. This superior education however comes with a price tag that some families may find daunting. However, there are many ways to assist in paying school fees.

Tips on Financing a Private School Education in Toronto

Save Early– It might sound like generic advice, but saving for your child's education from birth or even before can make a huge difference to your available monthly assets down the road. Paying tuition upfront often garners a discount of between 5% and 10% so any additional financing as well as applicable interest required will be much lower.
Scholarships and Bursaries – Scholarships are often based on academic achievement or community involvement so never underestimate the importance of your child starting on the right path early. Impress upon them the value of favorable grades as well as becoming involved in social issue to increase the chances of being awarded a scholarship. Bursaries are given to those students who show a determined desire to attend the institute and who are remarkable young people - just with limited means. Impressing the school with your child's abilities greatly increases the chances of being awarded a bursary.
Payment Plans – While private schools in Toronto often require tuition to be paid either in full up front, or in two installments –one at the beginning of each semester - this is not a rule set in stone. If you truly feel your child would benefit from this learning environment and that they are the type of student the school would be lucky to have, be sure to speak with administration about working out a monthly payment plan to decrease the large burden tuition can present when paid in full before enrollment.   
Research the various options and reference these tips on financing a private school educationin Toronto and discover how even a family with meager means can afford to give their child the best possible education.
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