Private vs. Public Schools Toronto

Private vs. Public Schools Toronto
Canada's public school system is one of the finest in the world, and it endeavors to provide quality education everywhere in the country. However, the reality is that in Toronto there are many challenges to the system. These include large class sizes, lack of facilities, and teachers struggling to accommodate students with a wide range of learning needs. There are also ever-increasing bureaucratic demands placed on teachers and administrators, as well as budget cuts. If you are a parent, you need to consider the advantages of private vs. public schools in Toronto before enrolling your children.
Advantages of Superior Private Schools
Toronto has many fine private schools. The best of them offer advantages such as:
  • Low Student-Teacher Ratios. It's been proven that students who get more individual attention from teachers do better academically. Private schools offer your children the chance to participate more fully in discussions, have their work supervised more closely, and to develop a more productive relationship with their teachers than public schools can.
  • Academic Excellence. Many private schools require that students meet certain academic standards before they can be enrolled. Most promote the value of academic excellence and celebrate academic accomplishments. Private schools almost invariably create a culture of achievement for their students.
  • Curriculum. Private schools usually offer a range of courses that will help to prepare your child for post-secondary education. Many independent schools emphasize core curriculum, but combine that with 21st century skill building such as computer programming courses. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure that students will be prepared for the future, no matter what career path they choose.
  • Resources. Private schools often offer resources tailored to individual children. This may include special enrichment for gifted students, or extra help for those who need it.
  • Athletics Program. Better private schools feature excellent athletic programs. It's generally recognized that sports help to create healthier, more balanced children. Choose a school that offers a wide variety of sports throughout the year, with challenging activities for those who excel as well as less strenuous activities.
  • Values. One of the main reasons that parents go for choosing a private school is that these institutions are able to espouse particular values. These may include religious values or more secular ones. Choosing an independent school can help your child to put a priority on values such as respect, and help him or her to develop a strong work ethic.
  • Clubs, Houses, and Teams. Many lifelong friendships are forged at school. In a private school, children may choose to join various clubs or teams, a great way to bond with other students. A "houseā€ system is often in place, ensuring that children will have a school group to belong to.
Choosing A School
In Toronto, choices abound. A French language school could be your first choice, in order to ensure that your child will be fluent in both official languages. A school that places emphasis on the arts might be the best option for your budding singer or sculptor. Some schools specialize in helping children with learning disabilities, while others focus on university prep or on spirituality.
Your child's future starts with education. Check out what Toronto private schools have to offer!
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