Private Schools In Toronto with Community Programs

When deciding which of the many Toronto privates schools is best for your child, it is important that you consider what sort of extracurricular activities and community programs the school offers. Some parents are under the false impression that school programs, charity events and sports teams distract from their child's education. However, in actuality, they complement and enhance your child's schooling. What's more, many private schools like the Toronto Prep School have a level of eligibility requirements that students must be before they can participate in extracurricular activities, so as to prevent students from neglecting their school work.
At the Toronto Prep School, after school programs and community involvement are greatly encouraged as they make for a diverse and complete education. However, are reminded that their academics always come first and must be given first priority over all else. Diminished quality in students' academic work and tardiness of any sort will not be tolerated. The Toronto Prep School offers all the necessary support to help students partake in extracurricular activities without impacting their academics. Such support includes our online homework centre, after school study club, and our resource centre tutoring program. Our guidance department and our adept counselors are also available to inform your child of the resources available to them and to help them decide which and how many after school programs to take to avoid overloading their schedule. 
The advantages of extracurricular and community involvement are vast and long-lasting. Whether its in the form of being a part of a sports team or club, or through community volunteerism, extracurricular participation helps build self-esteem and confidence, leadership skills as well as interpersonal and team skills. It also gives students the chance to interact with one another, build friendships and meet others with similar interests who your child may otherwise have never met. After school participation and volunteerism also is an asset for university applications and help set your child a part from other applicants.

School Clubs

At the Toronto Prep School, our school clubs are designed to emphasize your child's academics. For instance, our after school clubs such as our Mathematics Club, Debate Society, Robotics Club and Art Club complement our Math, English, Science and Arts classes. Our after school clubs take what your child is learning in school and apply it outside of the classroom walls, while socializing with their fellow schoolmates. Other after school clubs we offer, includes:
  • Music Club
  • Chess Club
  • Photography Club
  • Investor's Club
  • Newsletter / Yearbook Club

Sports Teams

Participation in sports teams teaches your child the importance of: working well with others, communication as well as maintaining their physical health. Some of the athletics available to Toronto Prep School Students who meet eligibility requirements, include:
  • Golf
  • Snowboarding and skiing
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Ice hockey
  • Indoor and outdoor soccer
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Track and field
After school clubs, sports teams and other forms of community volunteerism give your child not only a well-rounded education, but they also teach your child the importance of a well-structured schedule and how to organize their time. It also teaches them the importance of being accountable. These are skills that will help carry your child through to graduation and beyond, into the work environment and adulthood.
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