The Difference of a Private School in Toronto with Intimate Class Sizes

Why Smaller Class Sizes Work

A private school in Toronto with intimate class sizes will improve the atmosphere and overall learning quality in the classroom. The best private schools allow for a more intimate and hands-on learning experience, which also gives students the opportunity to receive additional one-on-one assistance if needed. A typical class at a Toronto private school can be as small 10 to 12 students. The average public school class size is usually 30 students, minimum.
Some reasons why small class sizes are so important include:
  • There's nowhere to hide – Imagine your son was struggling with math in a public-school class of 30-35 students. To avoid drawing attention to his lack of understanding, your son hangs out in the back of the class where there's more distractions, mitigating against any meaningful learning. A private school in Toronto with intimate class sizes creates an optimal learning environment.
  • Teachers can teach better – Very few teachers enjoy managing large classes. Behavioural problems in a large class can quickly escalate out of control and a teacher is catering to various levels of achievement.
  • Students learn more – When classes are smaller, students learn faster and quickly develop confidence to express their ideas and opinions without fear of retribution from their peers.
Small class sizes at prep schools in Toronto truly engage students and surround them with encouragement. Because each child is unique and students learn in different ways at varying speeds, a Toronto private school teacher can take more time to present the material being taught in a variety of ways that are appropriate to the students in the class. That approach is much more difficult to implement in a large class, which is the reality of the public school system.

A Strong Sense of Community

Being one in a sea of student in a large public school can make it difficult for some children to feel a real sense of belonging at their school. Because private schools in Toronto have such a stringent application process, this results in a smaller student body overall, giving students a better opportunity to get to know their peers.
Small class sizes impact how children interact with each other and students get the chance to develop a sense of cohesiveness and cooperative spirit. These are important skills for children to learn, since they will have to learn how to get along and cooperate with colleagues in professional situations as they grow into adults.

Define Your Ultimate Toronto Private School

Ultimately the final decision rests with each parent and child. Make a list of preferred private schools in Toronto and arrange a visit for each one. Only by seeing the school with your own eyes and interacting with the teachers can a parent truly envision whether a particular school would be a good fit for their child.
Individual attention, close relationships with teachers and the confidence a student receives from a small class size can transform their relationship with learning. A private school in Toronto with intimate class sizes makes for a less stressful environment where your child will feel more at home.
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