Private Schools in Toronto for International Students are Diverse and Dynamic

Toronto is Canada's most diverse city.  With excellent prospects for employment and education, it is no wonder that Canada's economic hub remains a top destination for new Canadians.  For many newcomers, Canada provides an excellent setting for families to start a new life, with lots of opportunity for success.  However, arriving to a new country can be daunting to some, and leaves many questions unanswered.  It can be difficult to know where the best schools and neighborhoods are located in the city.  There is good news: Toronto's private school system is among the best in the world, especially for international students.

Diverse and Dynamic

As one of the world's most culturally diverse cities, Toronto provides a perfect backdrop for students to be part of a dynamic learning that is reflective of today's society.  Students are encouraged to share their unique viewpoints and experience, and collaborate on exciting projects to meet common goals.  The result: students that are forward thinking, free of cultural bias and truly cosmopolitan in mindset. 

Nurturing Bilingual Students

In the modern classroom, it is common for many students to be bilingual.  Toronto's best schools provide many first rate language classes to compliment Ontario's curriculum requirements.  Students from abroad are able to receive intensive help with their English language skills, while also keeping their other language skills in the forefront.  Bilingual abilities are a desired skill of many Canadians in the workforce.  For this reason, bilingual students will be well-poised for future success in their academic studies and future careers. 

A Culture of Collaboration

In the classroom, students are assigned a mix of group work and autonomous learning activities.  The ability for students to collaborate, work together, and strive for common success is an important skill for all students.  An inclusive classroom is key to fostering this skillset.  In many private schools, students are taught critical thinking techniques and active listening techniques, two tools that help facilitate collaboration in the classroom. 

Extracurricular Activities

Toronto's best private schools provide an array of supplemental activities for students to engage in after school hours are over.  There are many opportunities for students who are interested in art, music, sports, theatre, and politics.  This allows students to make strong social connections with other students with shared interests.  Many students take part in activities outside of the school's campus, to further expand their learning.    

A Head Start

Toronto's private schools provide an intensive and challenging school experience for international students.  In these settings, students are able to dig deep in their own learning, and be aware of their own natural strengths.  These programs provide a head start to young learners, giving them the skills they need to flourish as they continue with their university studies and beyond.  Teachers assist students in the development of a sense of intellectual curiosity, helping them ask the right questions and giving them the tools they need to seek answers.  At the end of their school experience, students will not only have the knowledge they need, but also a lifelong love of learning, which will serve them well throughout their lives.
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