Success Starts at a Private Junior High School in Toronto

A Parent's Guide to Private Junior High Schools in Toronto

Sending your son or daughter to a private junior high school in Toronto is a big decision. All parents want the best possible education for their children, but sometimes they assume the highest ranked schools are the best school for their child. When considering prep schools in Toronto, one of the first steps is to determine your family's values and your child's learning priorities.
When looking into options for a private junior high school in Toronto, start by exploring various educational philosophies. Here are some helpful tips when doing your research.

The Private versus Public School Debate

There are pros and cons to private and public schools. Many public schools in Toronto provide an excellent curriculum and facilities, but some advantages of private schools include:
  • Enriched academic opportunities
  • Smaller classes
  • Dedicated teachers
  • More parental involvement
  • Enhanced extracurricular opportunities
Private schools have more resources than the public school system and can offer more advanced classes. Smaller class sizes at private schools have been linked with improved student performance. Teachers at a private junior high school in Toronto are carefully selected and have additional resources that may not be available in the public system. Many private schools focus on a well-rounded education and encourage participation in extracurricular activities such as sports and the arts.

When Is the Ideal Time to Enroll in a Private Junior High School?

The most crucial ages to consider enrolment in a private school are at traditional thresholds, such as:
  • Kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten;
  • Middle/Junior High School (Grade 7);
  • High School (Grade 9 or 10).
Apart from the traditional entry points, some private schools have preschool programs and accept children as young as two years old.
Adolescence can make junior high school the ideal entry point, since these years can be tough. With all kinds of new pressures coming into play – growth spurts, trying to figure out peer pressure, romantic relationships and higher-level team sports, the teenage years is often the best time to enroll in a private junior high school. The top private schools in Toronto will provide extra support for:
  • Dealing with adolescent pressures;
  • Extra help with schoolwork as it becomes more difficult in these grades.
Students at junior high schools in Toronto are often taught at a more advanced level and typically have more disciplined study habits that will help them succeed in university.

Make the Right Private Junior High School Choice

Determining the culture of the school is another key factor in finding the right fit. It's also important to know whether the school is accredited and what standards they need to meet. It's also good to ask about student success rates, such as standardized test scores and what graduates of the school have gone on to achieve.
Choosing the right school is a big decision and sometimes research alone is not sufficient. Be sure to visit schools before making your final selection. A private junior high school in Toronto will put your child on the path to long-term academic success.
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