Private Day Schools in Toronto

Private day schools are organized to give students a fruitful education so that they may thrive in their future endeavours. Funded through tuitions fees and fundraisers, private schools, (such as the Toronto Prep School,) have the resources to give students more:
  • Effective educational tools and materials
  • Meaningful courses with the option of university prep courses
  • Attentive instructors due to smaller class sizes

Effective Educational Tools & Materials

Although private school education comes with a tuition fee,, there are many benefits that come in exchange of paying tuition. Unlike most public schools, private day schools are able to equip students with the best and most current educational resources and programs. Materials such as textbooks, art supplies, lab tools and more, are up-to-date, effective and in mint condition, if not brand-new.
With our tuition fee for Toronto Prep School, students get:
  • A MacBook Pro laptop or iPad, programmed with educational software
  • Extended after school programs and Saturday Club study programs
  • An English journal
  • A deluxe school photo package
  • Their school yearbook
  • One year GoodLife Fitness Club membership
  • Athletic Association fees
  • And all the advantages that come with private schools such as university quality courses, smaller class sizes and abundant extracurricular activities

University Prep Courses for Accelerated Learning

Whatever your child's interests are in, the Toronto Prep School offers a rich selection of university prep courses in a variety of subjects. Our university prep classes help better prepare students for their post-secondary education. They are able to make a smoother transition between high school and university and are less likely to be overwhelmed by their university course load or professors' expectations. Students will have become accustomed to these factors through Toronto Prep School's university preparatory courses.
The Toronto Prep School also offers flexibility through our courses available during the summer term. If your child decides, he or she may take summer courses to fast track their education and graduate sooner. While the summer term and courses are condensed it time, the level of quality is the same as our courses during the fall and winter semesters.

Reduced Class Sizes, Better Student-to-Instructor Ratio

Private schools are able to have lower student numbers in their classes than public schools. While most public schools have over 30 students in a class, the Toronto Prep School has a maximum of 16 students per class.
What does that mean for you and your child?
It means students will have more focused time with his or her instructors. They'll receive one-on-one care since their teachers are able to give more time and attention. Your child can ask teachers questions specific to their educational needs and challenges and teachers are able to tend to your child's individual needs.
These are just a few of the many benefits of attending a private school. If you and your child are wondering if enrolling in a private day school in Toronto is a good idea, consider these benefits and be to make time to visit the school. Touring the school campus and meeting with staff and instructors is the best way to get a feel for the school's atmosphere and learn about what the school has to offer!
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