How Much Would Toronto Private Schools Cost Me?

How Much Would Toronto Private Schools Cost Me?
Many parents don't investigate the possibility of private school for their children, believing that the costs would be prohibitive. However, if you have never explored this option, you may be pleasantly surprised. There is a wide range of schools in the Toronto area. Some of these offer scholarships or tuition assistance; others keep fees as affordable as possible in order to attract students from all types of economic backgrounds. As well, most private schools have policies that allow siblings to attend at a discounted rate. If you are wondering how much Toronto private schools cost, don't just look at websites. Remember that speaking to an admissions officer at a school can sometimes provide you with more information about ways that you may be able to afford top-quality private education for your children. Independent schools have many advantages to the public system. In fact, the right question to ask might just be "Can I afford not to send my children to private school?”
Private vs. Public School
Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. However, even the most passionate of public school advocates can agree that Toronto public schools are currently facing major challenges in delivering quality education. These include budget cuts that affect the calibre of facilities, student-teacher ratios, the opportunities for enrichment, and other aspects of school life. Some Toronto schools face additional strains, such as the intrusion of gang violence, a large number of ESL students, or overcrowding. Teachers struggle to deal with large classes that may include a number of special needs students, and in addition are required to deal with ever-increasing bureaucratic demands. Public schools are required to accept students with behavioral problems, with the result that one student can often disrupt a class, wasting the time of teachers and attentive students alike. Provincial requirements sometimes seem at odds with the latest educational research; some leading educators have pointed out that the EQAO exams, for example, do not raise the quality of education but rather require teachers to spend time teaching to that particular test.
Private schools, on the other hand, have more latitude. They can limit class size for better student-teacher ratios. Students may be refused entrance or expelled if their behaviour is not acceptable. Independent schools are free to develop curricula that suit the needs of their students, such as religious content, an emphasis on arts, or foreign language instruction. Most private schools offer one-on-one resources for children who are struggling, or gifted students who may need additional academic challenges. Private schools are well known for providing enrichment opportunities such as field trips on a regular basis.
Give Your Children the Edge
Private schools have much to offer your child. In addition to excellent academics, these institutions provide less tangible benefits. Friendships formed at school often last a lifetime, and the values instilled at a good private school – such as a good work ethic, perseverance, and respect for others -- will help to give your child an advantage in life.
Call one of Toronto's fine private schools today. Choose the best education possible for your child.
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