Do Toronto Private Schools Have Strict Policies?

Private school often makes people think of formal instructors and stuffy uniforms. And a specific question parents often have when researching schools in Toronto is "Do Toronto private schools have strict policies?”
In comparison to public schools, which by law are obligated to admit any student under the age of 18 residing within the school district, private schools by their definition are selective and are not obligated to accept every child. As a result, some Toronto private schoolsmay be more stringent in following procedures, but it is up to the individual school to set policies and enforce them.

Toronto Private Schools Set Their Own Rules

In Ontario, the government has the power to decide how public schools are run and funded. The Education Act provides authority for the creation of all the main features of the education system and public schools are accountable to the Ministry of Education – the body that sets and oversees all school policies, curriculum, planning and direction in all levels of education. All Ontario public school teachers must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to be able to teach in the province.
Toronto private schools operate as independent entities from the government and the Ministry of Education does not regulate, licence, accredit or oversee the operation of private schools with a few exceptions. Private school teachers are not required to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and schools are able to establish their own qualifications and criteria for their teaching staff.
Some Toronto private schools may have stricter policies than others, here are some general policies schools may follow.

Admissions and Academics

The first step to attending a Toronto private school is the admissions process. However, top private schools in Canada have stringent admissions procedures that require some effort and attention to detail. Including submitting applications, students may also be required to:
  • Testing;
  • Interviews;
  • Submit personal essays.
Although there are more formal procedures for admissions to private schools and students must pay tuition, class sizes are smaller and students have the advantage of receiving additional one-on-one assistance from their teacher. This gives teachers an opportunity to enforce school rules and provide students with a quality education.
Because private schools do not receive any funding or other financial support from the government, they also have the power to set their own curriculum. Generally, Toronto private schools follow the strictest academic policies for student success.


Almost all private schools have a dress code through mandatory uniforms. While this may seem like a strict procedure, uniforms have many benefits including:
  • Increases students' self-esteem;
  • Improves learning by reducing distractions;
  • Promotes a sense of school spirit;
  • Improves behaviour.
Studies have found that uniforms support the pursuit of high standards and improve academic performance.

How Do You Know What Private School Is Right for Your Child?

There's a Toronto private school suited for just about every need. Once you have reached a clear understanding with your child about expectations for academics and the enrichment which private school offers in general, look for a Toronto private school that aligns with your family values.
Toronto private schools will have strict policies depending on the individual school's culture and your research. Visit the schools and ask the teachers a lot of questions.
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