Best Athletic Programs Toronto

Best Athletic Programs Toronto
Your child can gain several lifelong benefits by playing team and individual sports. If you are looking for a school for your child, be sure to consider the Toronto schools that offer the best athletic programs.
Why Should Your Child Play Sports?
  • Health Benefits. Today's children are much more sedentary than kids of previous generations were. Spending long hours indoors gaming or on social media computer sites can lead to weight problems and a general lack of fitness, but playing various sports throughout the school year can go a long way toward improving children's fitness levels. Children develop muscular strength, agility, better lung capacity, hand-eye coordination, endurance, and much more. As well, it's been shown that children who play competitive sports are more aware of their eating habits, and consistently choose healthier snacks and meals.
  • Emotional and Psychological Benefits.Sports can help children learn how to persevere in order to learn skills, and can be a huge builder of self-esteem. Sports teach us how to be gracious in victory – as well as how to handle failure in a healthy manner. For girls especially, being proficient at sports can help to balance negative media messages about body image.
  • Social Benefits. Sports help children bond with others as they strive for common goals -- joining a team can be the first step toward making a lifelong friend. Team sports emphasize respect for other players, coaches, and opponents, something that will stand children in good stead throughout their lives. Sports help children who have difficulty with concentrating develop focus, and they can be a catalyst for timid children to discover their inner assertiveness.
Quality Athletic Programs
When selecting a school, be sure to evaluate the athletics component of the educational programming. There are several factors to consider when assessing the quality of a school's athletics program. These may include:
  • Mission and Goals. The school should have a clearly stated mission for their sports programming, and regularly evaluated goals.
  • Great Coaches. Coaches should receive top-notch training. They must be able to communicate well with players, administrators, and parents. They should have concrete practice plans.
  • Strong Administration. The measure of support the athletics program receives can be surmised by factors such as the quality of facilities available to teams, and attendance at games and matches.
  • Safety. Do all coaches have CPR and First Aid training? Are the spaces safe and well equipped? Do coaches have communication devices at all times? Do coaches have assistants to provide players with water and other necessities?
  • Variety of Sports. The program should offer a wide variety of both team and individual sports throughout the year. Traditional sports such as football, soccer, track, swimming, basketball, volleyball, softball, and tennis should be included. As well, less conventional activities should be in place; these can include such sports as bowling, table tennis, and Frisbee. Better programs in Toronto often include hockey and other winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding.
  • Associations. Schools should belong to organizations such as the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF) or the Toronto District College Athletic Association (TDCAA).
Give your child the gift of sports – be sure to give a high priority to athletics programs when choosing a school.
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