Are Private Schools in Toronto Safer Than Public Schools?

Education is an extremely important part of the human experience so it only makes sense that you would want the best possible scholastic outcome for your child. Sadly in today's uncertain world, parents no longer have to simply worry about whether their kids are doing well academically, but also whether their school is prepared to protect them in the face of danger, and whether the institution itself could facilitate that danger, leading one to ask the question "Are private schools in Toronto safer than public schools”?

How Safe Are Our Schools?

Unlike our cousin country to the south, Canadian schools for the most part remain free of the unfortunate violence that seems to be sweeping through American institutions, however, no place in the world is impervious to the possibility of danger arising. A simple internet query shows us that it is not unheard of for a student to bring a weapon to class or cause trouble in the Torontoschool system, however these instances seem to be overwhelmingly located in public facilities. In many schools today, security guards are in place as well as metal detectors to deter students from disrupting the learning environment and discourage them from taking harsh action against another student that they will certainly regret in the future. While these measures offer a significant amount of protection, nothing is absolutely foolproof. Private schools, in large part due to socio-economic factors, seem to be spared from a majority of these issues.

What Makes Private Schools Safer Than Public Schools?

Regrettably, there are people in the world who sometimes commit acts of violence towards another person, especially in the school environment where children haven't yet learned to appreciate the gravity of their actions, and these instances happen infinitely more often at public schools as opposed to private schools. Many factors including poor home life, poverty, and low self-esteem contribute to these actions – factors which are generally not found in private schools or in the student's personal lives.
As private schools are often better funded due to their treasury being supplied by enrollment dollars, teachers are able to place more emphasis on education, teamwork, and self-esteem building projects which help students feel happier and more fulfilled with a better sense of self. Private school students tend to develop closer bonds and become aware if something is amiss with another student much sooner as many of them will go through most, if not all, of their scholastic life together until the end of high school. Also, as private institutions, private schools have the right to expel any students they see as a potential problem whereas public schools have to go through a lengthy process to permanently remove a student from the facility.

How Can a Private School Protect My Child?

To be direct, private schools can often afford to hire more security officers than their public counterparts, as well as people who are more intensely trained. A small student-teacher ratio is the most important defense to ensuring private schools in Toronto are safer than public schools as this allows teachers to get to know their pupils on a more personal level. Sometimes, the only thing a child needs to go from a potential wrong decision which could affect the rest of their life to becoming a well-adjusted and happy adult is a little care and understanding which personalized attention is able to fulfill.
Consider enrolling your child in a Toronto private school today and give your family the gift of peace of mind and excitement for the days ahead.
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