Are Private Schools in Toronto Better Than Public Schools for Your Children?

"Are private schools in Toronto better than public schools?” is a question that many parents ask themselves as their children approach the age of early education, and the answer is a resounding yes.
A child's future can depend a great deal not only on getting an education, but on what kind of education that is. Like people, not all schools are created equal and there will be both public and private institutes which will have exemplary students as well as those who do not invest as much of themselves, making it a daunting task for parents to decide if their children are better off with a public or private education. However more and more families are reaping the rewards of an enrollment in a Toronto private school due to the unparalleled curriculum and environments they provide.

Why You Should Choose Private School Over Public School

In many respects, schools share a number of similarities regardless of public or private orientation. Both have students from various backgrounds, both are expected to teach, and students to pass, a pre-determined set of mandatory credentials in order to achieve a high-school diploma, both will offer extra-curricular activities, and both will find students leaving with both an education, and social experiences which will prepare them for interaction with people in the real world. However, the quality of these services is not comparable, hence why so many parents are choosing to send their child to a private school in Toronto.
Academics – This is the first and foremost reason for attending school. The importance of education is impressed upon students in both types of environments. Private schools however are not limited by the drastic underfunding imposed in the public sector, allowing more money to be spent on hiring teachers with more advanced credentials, and who have often made a name for themselves in their respective fields. Private schools also hold students far more accountable for completing their lessons on time, and it is nearly impossible with such a generous teacher/student ratio for any child to "fall between the cracks” of learning.
Social Values – Most private schools have a list of values that pertain to the designation of that particular institute that include an emphasis on respect for fellow students and citizens, empathy for others, and the importance of giving back to your community, among others. Incorporating moral lessons with scholastic endeavours help kids grow up to understand that the world is bigger than just them and impress upon them the importance of working together for a better world and future for us all.
Extra-Curricular Activities – Schools have realized for decades that there is more to an education than just learning history and mathematics, and top private schools, such as Toronto Prep Schools, have incorporated a wide range of afterschool and lunchtime programs for students to expand their minds. Ranging from athletics to music, art to debate club, yearbook committee to robotics club, a quality private school provides these extra-curricular programs to not only stimulate children's minds and bodies, but also to allow them to pursue various interests to find out what they excel in and what they have a passion for.   
While these are important benefits to the private school experience, there are multiple factors to be considered when enrolling your child in private school and deciding if private schools in Toronto are better than public schools. Be sure to carefully research and visit each facility to determine what is in the best interest of your family's most valuable asset - the next generation.
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