Are My Kids Going to Be Better Prepared for University If They Attend a Toronto Private School?

The value of an education cannot be understated. While in times past people were able to achieve the job status they desired through hard work alone, today virtually all companies in any type of field will require one to have a college or university degree in order to advance. But simply having a piece of paper that states you completed a program does not necessarily mean you are the best candidate for the job, and employers will look to see who had the most success during their educational experience when deciding whom to hire and promote. Both public and private school work towards attempting to prepare students for post-secondary studies, however it is far more likely that kids are going to be better prepared for university if they attend a top Toronto private school.

How Does Private School Better Prepare Kids for University?

Children are better prepared for university if they attend a Toronto private school in a number of beneficial ways which drastically increase their chances of success in a post-secondary environment. 
Attention to StudiesPrivate schoolsput a great deal of emphasis on education and strive to make sure the student is working at his or her full potential. With smaller teacher/student ratios found in private schools, educators are able to spend more one-on-one time with students ensuring that they don't fall behind and impressing upon them the importance of excelling in their school work. Often time these educators have held a position of respect in their previous fields and can showcase a real life example to the students of the benefits paid to them from hard work.
Motivational Encouragement – With a smaller class size comes a more intimate knowledge of who students are as people and the individual ways they learn and express themselves. Teachers are better able to focus their efforts on encouraging a child and determining any difficulties along the way. Private school environments celebrate academic achievements in a way that motivates students to strive for excellence.
Positive Habit Development – Students will practice what they know and, unfortunately, in the public school system, it is very easy for them to stray from their educational pursuits and then be lost in the cracks of the public system. Private schools focus on the importance of proper study habits, detailed research, and putting your best foot forward when presenting your work. Private school students are held to a higher standard than their public school counterparts which bodes well for academic progress in a university. While it may be common in the movies and on TV to hear about all-night "cramming sessions”, rarely does this translate into an outstanding grade. Developing these habits early is integral to a student's success when they are grown and held accountable for their actions.
There are in fact students who are so naturally inclined toward learning that proper study habits and a keen interest in education are inherent, but for the vast majority of kids from all backgrounds the importance of school must be gently but constantly impressed upon them until they get a little older and see the benefits for themselves. Ensuring your kids are going to be better prepared for university if they attend a Toronto private school should be the top concern for your child's future.
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